The concept of Rental fleets is new to most people

Because of the way Learboats are made, they are a cash flow generating asset for years to come. Hotels, resorts, and marinas have found that more money can be generated if people have access to the comfort and relaxation that a Learboat provides with some quiet time out on the water touring the waterway. With ample parking and catering and an adequate number of Learboats, the ability to generate income is remarkable.

Are You a Hotel Manager and want to Increase revenue?
Want to Invest in a Fleet for a Venue?

Rental fleets add additional meeting rooms for guests (literally ON the water) as an additional draw to your venue. We also have investors who are interested in the cash flow generating potential of Learboat Rental Fleets, so if you have a large venue and don’t have the money to buy the fleet, our connections are looking for opportunities to share the income with the hotels, resorts and restaurants. Let us know if you are interested in this potential plan.

Call us today and we will share with you the information you need to assess this for yourself. When you call, we will send you the following four documents:

  1. How many boats do you have to have to make money.
  2. How the Learboats, used as floating dining rooms, can increase the catering and beverage revenues and add to the earning potential of the Hotel in general.
  3. The income calculator: where the amount you charge per hour can be changed as well as the number of boats you are using etc to calculate your earnings.
  4. All the features of the boat that prevent costly maintenance and that make the boat extremely reliable so that there is no down time and loss of revenue.

Rental Fleets

Learboat rental fleets offer an entirely different marketing opportunity. Whereas, typically, boats are considered by many women as something that needs to be tolerated; women experience Learboats as easy to drive and fun to use with friends and family.

They feel comfortable taking their children out for the day. Learboats make it possible to keep an eye on the kids at play and multi-task on projects if necessary. The comfort and practicality of Learboats are appreciated by the people who rent them.

Men, too, when the Lear is properly marketed, will see it as a place to relax and to enjoy the water with family and friends and business colleagues for a private meeting.

Many lakes and waterways do not allow fossil fuel powered boats. Others have a speed limit. These locations are suitable for a Lear Electric Boat rental fleet business. Because the Learboat is manufactured to high standards of durability and ease of operation, they are perfect for this application.

Designed to Prevent "Down-Time"

Years of trouble free operation without having to wait for a service call has been the standard behind every aspect of the Lear Electric Boat. Terry Baylor, Creator of the Learboat, has years of experience in the aerospace and marine industries as an industrial pattern maker and boat builder.

Preventing down-time was his goal.

Planned Longevity... Bill Lear, inventor of the Learjet, once said, "If it can fail, it will" "Design it so it won't fail." Lear Family tradition of reliability is apparent in Lear Electric Boats!

Built to withstand the hard usage of commercial water taxis and rental fleets the hull and deck are joined with with a 2.5” internal flange to withstand the times when some inexperienced boaters might come in contact with the docks or other boats.

For more information about all the time and money saving features that make Learboat rental fleets such great money generating assets, Call 949 722 7757 or email