The new, premium LEAR204 represents a hallmark breakthrough in design, function, style, comfort and performance. This meticulously crafted electric boat is created from the hull up to meet the Lear standard of luxury, practicality and reliability. Our proprietary retractable hardtop is an example of our commitment to present the market with a visionary alternative. No expense has been spared to insure that this boat will be an asset that will give years of pleasure and peace of mind.

Shanda Lear-Baylor, The CEO of LEARBOATS USA, Inc. and Terry Baylor, VP of Engineering and Design, have left no stone unturned in their quest to produce the second-generation legend to carry the Lear nameplate. Just as the Learjet revolutionized the business aircraft industry, the LEAR204 will revolutionize the concept of the electric boat.

LEAR Electric Boats gives new meaning to the definition of Leisure.

The new LEAR 204 electric boat from LEARBOATS USA, Inc. has redefined the product category of leisure boats with its innovative design, patent-pending hull, retractable hardtop and pre-programmed computer-controlled electric propulsion system. Designed for comfort and convenience, the LEAR 204 is the ideal boat for lakes, bays and the intra-coastal lifestyle.

Unlike previous electric boat designs, the LEAR 204 was created from the keel up to run under electric power. The result is a hull that is stable, maneuverable and most efficient at 5 MPH. While underway, the boat’s E-Hull® produces no bow wave and only a minimal wake. This is due to the fine entry line like many sailboats. This offers the least resistance. The widest part of the hull (the center of buoyancy) is 66% aft of the entry along the length of the waterline. This means that when the hull is pushed through the water, there are no abrupt changes in the water flow to slow it down.

The LEAR 204 design innovations continue above the waterline. It is available in both retractable and fixed-top versions. The innovative, retractable hard top transforms the standard 11-passenger watercraft into a romantic convertible version designed for two. The patented LEAR Lectra-Lift® hard top can be used as a sun deck in the down position or raised to provide shade and access to a well appointed interior. For strength and durability, it is made of two molded fiberglass parts that are bonded together.

The top can be raised or lowered with the touch of a button. Four columns, or struts, called linear actuators support the top. They are powered by four electric motors housed inside the top, and the linear actuators act somewhat like a screw jack. There is a long screw inside each of the struts that is turned by individual electric motors situated in the hardtop. The actuators are quiet, safe and dependable.

For safety, the hardtop can either be operated by a key fob or by a rocker switch on the control panel. These switches only work if they are being depressed. To prevent children from playing with these switches, a circular key turns off the control panel rocker switch so that the top can’t be activated. Also, in the event that something is obstructing the lowering operation, the system will automatically stop and run in reverse for two seconds. With the top down, the boat is secure. There is no need for a canvas cover to protect the interior. In addition, with the top down, the LEAR 204 is easy to trailer, in fact its aerodynamic shape allows the LEAR 204 to travel at speeds of 55 miles an hour and more with very little wind resistance.

The interior of the boat is designed for passenger comfort and safety. There is seating for 9 to 11 adults on high-backed bench seats. Forward of the console is a teak table with leaves. To starboard is a fully insulated cooler that will hold plenty of ice and drinks for the guests. A premium JBL marine sound system with AM/FM/CD player and four JBL marine grade speakers make entertaining a breeze. There are seven overhead dome lights that can be switched from white to red for better night vision while underway. There is an optional food prep counter with freshwater sink and 12-volt receptacle for a blender or other appliances. There is also plenty of storage in the bow.

For greater comfort on cool days or inclement weather, the LEAR is equipped with waterproof EZ2CY windows that are made of Acrylic, which is clearer than glass, and will not yellow or craze. The windows are easy to install and can be raised for better ventilation or top down cruising in warm weather.

The steering console is nicely appointed with a teak steering wheel, and it has been designed to be easy to operate. All the instruments are inlaid in a handsome teak panel. These include a rudder control indicator, battery level indicator, knot meter, depth sounder, illuminated compass, horn and sound system controls.

There is an aft swim platform with a retractable ladder that makes it easy to access the boat from the water. The boat can also be equipped with an optional freshwater shower, and sink.

Powering the LEAR 204 is a 36-volt electric DC motor linked to a solid-state computer programmed motor controller. The controller takes its commands from the throttle and provides forward, reverse and speed control. All the components are sealed for protection from moisture and corrosion. The motor draws its power from six sealed, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. This type of battery has been used in jet aircraft for years. They have all of the advantages of “gelled” batteries but hold up better under all temperature extremes. They are non-hazardous, will not freeze and require no maintenance. The batteries are ideal for marine use year around from Florida to Maine.

The LEAR 204 costs about $2.00 to fully recharge the six batteries for 10 hours using any 20 amp or greater home or dock 110V outlet service. With a full charge, the boat will operate for more than 10 hours at 5 MPH or a 50 miles range.

A key element in the efficiency of the LEAR 204 is its E-Prop, a five-blade propeller that is designed for low RMP propulsion. Specially designed tips on each blade give the prop better bite and more acceleration. The E-Prop also diminishes cavitation, which results in excellent reverse maneuverability.

Another unique feature of the LEAR 204 is the use of a high lift single rudder which is designed for efficient turning and maneuvering within the speed range of the boat. It has a thicker, high lift design that only requires a 15 percent angle to turn the boat within its own length. The rudder combined with its hydraulic steering makes it easy to control the boat under any conditions.

LEARBOATS USA uses only the best materials in the construction of the LEAR 204. The hull is constructed with hand-laminated Vinylester® fiberglass. There is non-skid on all exposed surfaces. All hardware is marine grade stainless steel. Even the cleats (four mooring and four fender) are unique with an open center design called Double Duck Cleats that are easier to tie off.

The LEAR 204 measures 20'4" overall with a beam of 8'5". The draft from water line to bottom of the keel is 22". Overall height of the boat from waterline to the highest point with the top up is 68-3/8".