To help you understand a little more about this living space ON the water, we have attached some videos.

Seeing these great pictures on the Internet can be helpful. However what many buyers have told us is that the internet pictures and videos did not prepare them for their first realtime experience with the Learboat. They are so pleasantly surprised that they do not smell any odor, there is no noise, there is a sense of comfort due to the ergonomics of all of the seats including the swim step. They feel safe because the boat is so stable. The steadiness of the steering, due to the hydraulic helm, allows them to steer effortlessly and not have to constantly correct the direction of the boat. They feel the breeze if it is hot outside, because they can lift all the windows. If it is a cold day, they are surprised at how warm the interior can be with all the windows down and the heater on.

Many people have purchased their Learboat without traveling to "kick the tires". They spoke with other owners and decided to go ahead and buy their LEAR and not waste time with travel. For this reason we have many happy Learboat owners all over the world.

So we hope that soon you, too, will be able to experience the Learboat as you spend time relaxing with friends, business associates or family.